Can I ask you to do something ?

I want you to imagine yourself this time next year. Close your eyes and really think about where you’ll be in twelve months’ time. I know that you’re a driven, dedicated person. You’re not satisfied with standing still. You want to look good, stay healthy and feel like the strong, capable person that you are. […]

No Excuses

I am a big coach Ben Bergeron fan, he is the owner of CrossFit New England and coaches Katrin Davidsdottir or Matt Fraser. His opinions and training methods should be an example for all of us. He recently published a book called “Chasing Excellence” and in it writes that our DNA in hope for survival […]

Eat like a CrossFit Games Athlete

Keep is simple, trust the system, detox your body and eat your (complex) carbs are a few highlights.1. ALWAYS KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID) The meals don’t need to be fancy by any means. Each meal should contain more than 6 ingredients. But it’s important to cycle through different meals every 6 weeks, not only so […]

Prepare & Respond

In life, there is ultimately two things we can control: 1 – How We Prepare2 – How We Respond Think back to a big, hairy, stressful situation in your past. And think back to how you felt throughout that experience. Chances are, you were just like every other human being out there – emotions and […]

You Get What You Give

If we have a belief that the world is unfriendly, then we will only continue to put power behind this belief. Our actions will follow. We will constantly be expecting bad news. We will find ourselves doing what we can to protect against others. On the other hand, if we decide that the universe is […]

Coaches: You Are Appreciated

You are changing people’s entire existence with fitness! You are helping them to do things they have never dreamed of. You are guiding them in shaping a better life in so many ways.  I love that as CrossFit coach you all consider every client an athlete. I love that our community shows the same support […]

Struggle with New Year’s resolutions every year?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. A lot of people who make resolutions for the New Year often don’t end up keeping them for various reasons, whether they’re too hard to maintain, they get distracted, or they just stop caring. Here are five ways to make and maintain your fitness New Year’s resolutions in 2019. The […]

Consistency is a key

Fitness or any significant change is not going to happen in a few days or weeks. Becoming athletic, healthy, and able to move well takes time. It’s a journey not a destination. Think of fitness and health as a water bottle with a small hole in the bottom. Unless you are doing something to fill […]

It is for everyone

Everyone knows about the CrossFit phenomenon going on right now. A lot of people know what it is but don’t really know what it is. It is not a bunch of ridiculously buff people coming together to see who can pick up the heaviest bar in different positions. CrossFit takes all the aspects of a […]

Coaches Life

Coaches Life. Like everyone, we’re all busy- jobs, study, family and just life in general. Coaching is not just a hobby for us it’s a huge part of our lives. We are constantly learning, adapting, searching for new information. We have regular coaches meetings where we go over coaching techniques and work hard to present […]