Coaches Life

Coaches Life. Like everyone, we’re all busy- jobs, study, family and just life in general. Coaching is not just a hobby for us it’s a huge part of our lives. We are constantly learning, adapting, searching for new information. We have regular coaches meetings where we go over coaching techniques and work hard to present the same information in the same way no matter which class you do and which coach you have. We’re always trying to be better at providing the service that you guys want. Not only that but we train together when the opportunity presents. It’s amazing watching these guys and girls go deep in the pain cave in order to get fitter and stronger, to mobilize in order to move better and work on our weaknesses. We all love being a part of this community and we love being your coaches. When we see our athletes hitting new PB’s, getting new gymnastics movements or just seeing you turning up is a huge reason why we do this.

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