Consistency is a key

Fitness or any significant change is not going to happen in a few days or weeks. Becoming athletic, healthy, and able to move well takes time.

It’s a journey not a destination. Think of fitness and health as a water bottle with a small hole in the bottom. Unless you are doing something to fill it up you will slowly lose it. Fitness is not something that can be achieved permanently or a benchmark that sticks. It is in constant fluctuation, and to truly be fit means fitness has become your lifestyle and a part of who you are. It comes down to owning your exercise, diet, and life.

Suffering through a workout gives you a certain satisfaction and also the confidence that you can persevere. Knowing you have the ability to keep going when it gets tough starts with hesitation and fear. You are not sure if you’re going to make it, but later after WOD is finished, and you lay in a pool of your own sweat, the glimmer of confidence arises.
Next time you begin to believe in yourself. Your confidence becomes infectious and you push yourself harder. As your fitness and confidence booms, you cheer and support others who are on the same journey…

Find success through consistent hard effort over time…
Show up. Work hard. Lift heavy. Chase your goals. Repeat!!!

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