It is for everyone

Everyone knows about the CrossFit phenomenon going on right now. A lot of people know what it is but don’t really know what it is. It is not a bunch of ridiculously buff people coming together to see who can pick up the heaviest bar in different positions. CrossFit takes all the aspects of a healthy body and uses fitness to make our health optimal. CrossFit is designed to work for everyone. So many times, after I tell people I do CrossFit I hear, “I could never do that,” “I’m too weak for that,” and, “I don’t even know how-to pick-up a bar.” CrossFit’s goals to provide a safe progression into movements allows for everyone to participate.
CrossFit is for everyone, from the 80-year-old grandmother of seven to professional athlete. Everything can be scaled to your current level of fitness. Can’t do pull-ups? No problem, we’ll work on your strength with resistance bands until you can. Are pushups out of the question? No sweat, we can use a box, or even the wall, to place your body at an angle, therefore reducing the load your arms are required to push. Every movement we perform can be altered to suit your needs and still maintain the desired stimulus of the workout.
Take a leap and have a go, you won’t regret walking through that door to our CrossFit box.

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