Prepare & Respond

In life, there is ultimately two things we can control:

1 – How We Prepare
2 – How We Respond

Think back to a big, hairy, stressful situation in your past. And think back to how you felt throughout that experience. Chances are, you were just like every other human being out there – emotions and thoughts all over the place.

It’s first a good thing to recognize that this is human nature. We can overthink things.
But to keep it simple, there are two things, in any challenging situation, that we can focus on. Because these two things are the only pieces that we can truly control.

How we prepare, and how we respond.

In every situation, there is a level of preparation that takes place. This could be as direct as the daily grind of training or learning how to change a flat tire. In the first example, we know the execution date, and in the second we do not.

And in every situation, we will adjust ourselves given the event. This adjustment can be emotional, brash, and unproductive (a “reaction”), or calculated, thoughtful, and productive (a “response”).

The quality of our preparation and our response, is everything. If we can just focus on those two seemingly simple aspects, and master them, everything else falls into place.

Let’s keep this thought in the back of our minds as we enter the week. Seek out the moment where our thoughts run away from us, and bring them back to where they do their best work… and their only work. How we prepare, and how we respond.

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