Finally we can share this exciting news!

After initially being invited to try Crossfit by Lars, Ben and his partner Steph have fit straight into our community. So much so, that we have organised Ben to become an official part of our box and start practicing out of the front room on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays!

Ben is an experienced physiotherapist who is finishing up post graduate studies in the Ridgway Method procedure which combines the latest in neuroscience and physiotherapy. After completing a few case studies on the members and getting hooked by crossfit he has decided to specialise in helping our members stay fit, young and mobile without being told to rest, stretch and avoid the box. We are very lucky to have something special like this available to us!

Ben is so confident in this procedure that he is offering a money back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t see results.

He also recommends you book in a 90 minute free taster session first to make sure he is the right person to help before you make any commitments.

Visit his website www.bensphysiotherapy.com and organise a time to speak to Ben first or book in a free taster session.