Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

Coach & Owner


I have been involved with Sport all my life, either playing or coaching.
My main sports are Rugby Union and Rugby League. I played for England Schoolboys, Colleges and Students at Union before playing League in the Super League for the London Broncos.
I moved to Australia from the UK in 1998 for a years travel and have stayed ever since, moving to Coffs in 2003.
I first got into CrossFit in 2008 when an external coach came into deliver this then new brand of fitness to some kids when I was Head of Sport at BDC. I loved everything about it and decided to try and progress my own coaching skills in it. At that time I completed my ASCA level 1 and Level 2 and used these skills in working as Strength and Conditioning coach for several sports teams.
It wasn’t until 2013 that I first trained in CrossFit and that was at CrossFit Woolgoolga. I then moved to Brisbane for a few years and successfully completed my CrossFit Level 1 in 2016 and have coached at many various boxes since then.
In my most recent job I was in the UK working as General Manager of Wales Rugby League. Whilst working in the UK I travelled extensively and was very fortunate to have trained and worked at lots of boxes, including – CrossFit Bournemouth, CrossFit Westover, CrossFit Bury St Edmonds, CrossFit Poole, CrossFit Staines, CrossFit Llanelli, CrossFit Cowes, CrossFit Incursion (Isle of Wight) and CrossFit Yield (Alcester)
The fantastic people I have met at these places, the sense of community, passion and identity that they create. The atmosphere, feel and culture that being part of the CrossFit family creates is intoxicating and enticing. It draws you in, make sure you feel part of something special and makes you want to keep coming back for more. That is what I hope to go someway to creating at CrossFit Woolgoolga.
Your fittest family!!


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certificate
Level 1 Australian Strength & Conditioning
Level 2 Australian Strength & Conditioning
Bachelor of Human Movement
Master of Sports Coaching