Can I ask you to do something ?

I want you to imagine yourself this time next year. Close your eyes and really think about where you’ll be in twelve months’ time.

I know that you’re a driven, dedicated person. You’re not satisfied with standing still. You want to look good, stay healthy and feel like the strong, capable person that you are.

I bet you have a goal you’d love to achieve by this time next year. Maybe it’s building up your strength, maybe it’s losing a few kilos, maybe it’s just to live a more healthy and positive lifestyle.

So let me ask you: What have you done so far this year to move towards that goal? It’s easy to always put things off until tomorrow…But that way you’ll always just stay where you are now, spinning your wheels.

A wise man once said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you don’t start doing something differently, then come January 2019, you’ll just be right back where you started, feeling the same old insecurities, wishing you’d done more this time last year.

Today, I want you to stop putting things off. I want you to say enough is enough and make a decision right now to commit to your own health.

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