You Get What You Give

If we have a belief that the world is unfriendly, then we will only continue to put power behind this belief. Our actions will follow. We will constantly be expecting bad news. We will find ourselves doing what we can to protect against others. On the other hand, if we decide that the universe is friendly, then we will only do things to help others and the world will play out this belief, and in turn, create good.

How we choose to view the world will ultimately define how we live our lives, and, what comes back to us. If we approach people with an angry, frustrated attitude and an expectation that they too will be angry, then it’s highly likely they will pick up on this and fulfill that mindset. But, if we approach people with kindness and an expectation that they will be friendly, then they will put down their barriers return the same.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – we get what we give out.
Let’s take extreme ownership over this principle, as today is truly in our hands.

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